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Welcome to Lauraire des Lys.

Created in 2001, Lauraire des Lys is a 20-hectare family estate in organic farming located on the foothills of the Montagne Noire in Minervois.

Between the canyons on a higher, colder terroir, on worn limestone soil, black truffles, hare and partridge are born. Yes, there, between the scree of stones and a small, fragrant scrubland, the Lauraire des Lys wines would be born, bursting with perfume and honey.





It is in this setting at ground level where everything happens below, below, at the bottom of the canyon, where small vegetation, where roots plunge, rabbits in the thickets, well-hidden mushrooms, the princess truffle of burials.

It is a climate that is neither ever harsh, nor ever hot, nor ever completely Mediterranean. Is this the end of the Massif Central and the different foothills? Montagne Noire, Espinouse, Cévennes which border the vineyard with its little soldiers that are the Cers cooled by the Pic de Nore, the sailor's clouds which cling to the summit and pour down the rain. Wind, freshness, rain and sun, the ingredients of the cocktail that makes up the climate of this secluded piece of land.

The men and women who make Lauraire des Lys are not a tribe, they are not a tradition. It's a family who discovers an estate, on a anticipated terroir with the theme: a walk. And there begins the adventure: rehabilitating an old estate, creating the vintages, naming them, dressing them, finding the first customer. The children are young, the knowledge is meager, the skills are non-existent. We follow guidelines: cleanliness, work, production control, environmental protection, manual harvesting, sorting, etc.


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